Preparing For Market
"Many products ...are not properly prepared to sell."

The Real Foods Group has created a comprehensive checklist to use in preparing your product for market.  Our "Before the Selling Begins" checklist breaks down the requirements for a successful sales presentation into distinct elements.


  • Product Specifications
  • Price Lists
  • Survey Sheets
  • Samples & Sampling Protocols
  • Product Liability Insurance


  • Pictures and Illustrations
  • Merchandising Options
  • Custom Mailers for Product Introductions
  • Complete Sales Presentations
  • Historical Sales Information
  • Promotions
  • Sales Incentives
  • Distribution and Direct Strategies

For absolutely best results a marketing plan and a sales plan must be in place.  The Real Foods Group can assist you in developing these tools.

Our team is experienced in Sales, Manufacturing, Product Development, and Private Label Development. We are most effective when intimately involved in the sales planning process from the onset.

Services for preparing a product for the marketplace are fee based.