Sales and Sales Management is our Core Business.

Though we represent a wide range of packaged goods, we are most experienced in Confections, Salted Snacks, Natural Foods, Food Service and Private Label Programs.

We are deeply involved in our clients’ success. We generate sales that forward our clients’ business by first understanding their goals and operations.

Many clients ask us to serve on their Advisory Boards or Boards of Directors.

Sales and Sales Management

CONSOLIDATION means fewer decision makers control more targeted classes of trade.

The Real Foods Group executes your sales plan, providing access to the decision makers in the buying process. We build a sales team from our network of independent sales rep organizations. We then work the team to get your product a fair hearing in the crowded, competitive buying environment.

Preparing for Market

Many products never achieve retail placement because they are not properly prepared to sell.

The Real Foods Group works with your team to prepare your product for each step of the sales process, from the development of final packaging and merchandisers through to broker recruitment and training.

Food Service Private Label Programs

A successful food service project must satisfy many stakeholders, each with their own distinct measurements of success.

The Real Foods Group’s unique combination of skills and experience includes restaurant operations, private label management, and foodservice manufacturing and supply. We understand what it takes to satisfy each stakeholder in the process from development and sourcing to merchandising and re-supply management.